Friday, January 29, 2010

Flickr Favs

These are my recent favorites from flickr and I must admit that I'm stumped. I generally see some kind of trend in other people's favorites; a subject, color, something. But this is such an eclectic mix. Coffee cups and color is the best I can come up with but more than half don't fit that. Anyway, if you have time then go check out some of these amazing photographers (BTW, #3 is much better than the thumbnail).

And does anyone know why #12 won't show up? Is that a user preference to disallow inclusion or a mistake on the part of BigHugeLabs?

1. [Darkfield] Strawberry splash, 2. Martini splash, 3. Night Reading, 4. 27/365 choc mousse!, 5. News (25/365), 6. 28:365 varm kakao, 7. Wallflower, 8. 100128_Sorry, 9. Day 28/365, 10. 01/24/2010 Juicy, 11. 365_027, 12. Perspective, 13. Birthday cake, 14. 27/365 How much espresso can you take?, 15. 365 [27], 16. 27/365 morning sky, 7am, 17. Neighborhood waterfall 27:365, 18. crayons, 19. Jan 27/2010 Candles, 20. 27/365: Key, 21. Sometimes sweetness is required, 22. 8/365, 23. cake for u, 24. 26/365 Papaya tree, 25. DSC_4976, 26. Rubber Ducky, You're The One.. 23/365, 27. Northern Sawwhet, 28. 021/365 ... The Zen Egg's fate, 29. 22/365 Moment of Clarity, 30. 23:365, 31. Fence Friday I, 32. Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures., 33. Attack mode, 34. 18/365, 35. "Web Curtain..", 36. 17 365 Don't go breaking my heart


  1. yes, some people pick not to allow their shots to show on the mosaics. great picks

  2. I see the problem. You haven't faved any of mine.

  3. The trend in your favorites its the crispness and/or aperture (depth of field.) You seem to like the picture to be really in focus, even if it's only a small portion of it while the rest is blurred.


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