Saturday, January 16, 2010

Love Magnets

Over at Room to Inspire I saw a cute little picture frame that Scrabble tiles were placed on to make the crossed LOVE YOU. It was so cute but I didn't want to break up my scrabble set so I figured why not "make" my tiles?

I grabbed a scrap piece of 2x2 and cut some 1/4" thick pieces off with the compound miter saw. I cut a couple of extra pieces while I was at it just in case I flubbed a couple.

Then I took them inside and sanded the edges a little with some sand paper. (nevermind my very ugly coffee table. I REALLY need to go to KnockOffWood and make this table!)

Next just sketch out the letters on your blocks trying to keep them even with each other. You could also print out your letters on a piece of cardstock and cut them out with an exacto knife for a more precise stencil (next time I'll use a stencil myself but this time I was impatient to try it out).

I just used a little craft paint and small brushes and filled them in while watching some TV during my lunch hour.

The magnets I attached to the back were purchased at Michael's. I bought the kind meant to be used for business cards since they are really thin and wouldn't make the magnet stick out far from the fridge. Since they're so thin they can also be cut with scissors which means I only had to use one "business card" for all 7 magnets (I cut it into 8 pieces).

Now I think I want to try this with some MDF and bigger tiles (though not for magnets) to put above the mantel. I also think with a couple coats of poly the MDF will look more like scrabble tiles.

Any craft projects you're working on right now?


  1. great idea Sara. I will have to try this out.

  2. I agree. These are great! Very creative.

  3. You are so the man!!! i love it and will try it.... erm as soon as we get the mitre saw back from FIL!!!

  4. What an awesome idea! These are so cute and beautifully photographed!

  5. Of COURSE you have a compound miter saw! You ROCK : ) And your tiles are totally adorable!!!

  6. you do rock. seriously. great idea!

  7. Ah, very creative indeed! Love it.


  8. well done! you can also buy scrabble tiles for very little money on etsy. just search supplies. :-)


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