Saturday, January 30, 2010

Enough color to carry over

I've heard several times that Valentine's day was simply made up by the card companies. I'm guessing there's truth to that and if it is then you've got to hand it to their marketing guy as that was brilliant. Still, I'm pretty thankful for it. Christmas is well timed right as winter is really getting going to give us lots of pretty lights and and color to tide us over for a while but after a big bang of New Year's we really don't have much again until spring. I don't know about you but I get a little blue when every day is gray and dark. So Valentine's day is actually very well timed to bring a lovely bunch of color into our days right when we need it and enough to tide us over till spring. So, yes, maybe it's all about marketing but even so: Yay!

This photo made Explore on flickr this morning (#500 but still...) and I'm a little giddy about it. Yay again for color!
EDIT: It's up to #89. I've never done that before.

If case you were wondering, these are blown glass ball ornaments. The second picture was taken by laying down on the floor holding the camera in one hand and two glass balls in the other above me while trying to hold them as far away from the camera as I could.


  1. I must have missed this one on our flickr thing. It is absolutely stunning, I can see why it went explore. Great job!

  2. i don't think i saw that one on flickr. but well done on explore! very deserved!

  3. These pictures are breathtaking--I mean it--I just had to stop and stare when I saw them. I followed a link from somewhere through Flickr to find you--I liked the image of the small pieces of type spelling Reno--and followed that to your blog. I love it! I love your writing, your pictures, and your ideas. Thank you for sharing!


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