Friday, October 16, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my!

All of the kids' rooms have themes mapped out for them. The girls both have fairies and butterflies, though slightly different from each other, and they're the furthest along. Keith will have a cars room when I get it all done and Joe & Glenn will have a pirate bedroom. But this left me no where to put cute little animals and I kind of wanted to do that somewhere. Then last week I realized that there is a very sad, very blank looking wall by the girls' bedrooms that just needed filling up.

I looked up a few cartoon animal pictures on the web for inspiration. I had the guys at Home Depot cut the MDF down for me to save time (and I actually had a couple pieces left over for my next project). Then I painted all of the squares with some extra wall paint. After that dried I used some painter's tape to mark off the edges. I made the edges a little crooked so it would have more character but you could line them up straight pretty simply with a ruler. I painted the edges white and then went back over it with the brown to make "animal stripes". The animals I projected onto the wood with a craft projector and traced with pencil. Then I used my box of craft paints to fill it in. I also outlined it with a brown sharpie for a little more definition. 6 pieces of 1 ft square MDF wood, some painter's tape and a few bottles of craft paint later it's not art, exactly, but it's cute and it will fill the space nicely!


  1. how cute are those ?
    what a great idea !!!

    {can I ask how you make your large photos on your you go through flickr like I do, or did you change your html ?}

  2. Thanks!

    I edit the HTML. The imported picture's html looks like this:"width: 400px; height=300px" and this: "/s400/IMG_6880.jpg"

    And I change them to these:
    "width: 700px;" (leave out the height) and "/s800/IMG_6880.jpg"

    You can also make the s800 into s1600 if you want the picture even bigger but I haven't needed it.

  3. You are scary crafty, woman! Great job.


  4. you've gone all crafty while my back was turned! these are super cute! :-)


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