Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Home again

I'm home again and now I think my life gets to slow down for a little while at least. My grandmother's memorial was this weekend and it was really lovely to hear everyone's stories about her and to see the family. All 3 children, 8 of the 9 grandchildren and 13 of the 15 great grandchildren were there (2 great grandkids were home with the flu). I'm working on a special post for Nana that I'll have up in a few days.

In the meantime this was the view for the first 3 hours of our drive home. I stopped a lot. :)

The kids and I stopped in at Crater Lake on the way home and they were fascinated when I told them that almost 7000 years ago this was still a mountain (well, volcano) and that when it erupted the whole top caved in and now here we are at this pretty lake. I like it when they are rapt and paying attention.


  1. oh my... such beauty... great photos, can't wait for the post on your grandmother, may she rest in peace..i think it's great that most of the family was able to be there.

  2. Wow! That was a lot of family! So, you say you stopped, but, did you take any "out the window" shots? Betcha did.... :-)

    I've been wondering where you've been.....

    Great photos! (as usual)


  3. those photos are stunning - I want to be there right now. How incredible.
    So sorry for your loss...am looking forward to reading about your grandmother.

  4. Open Heart ~ Out the window? Yes. Sadly I had to limit it a bit because I was caravaning with family (cars behind and in front of me) and they already tease me about enough other things. :)

  5. I was missing you too. I'm glad you are home, but sad about your Grandma.

    My first thought was did you skid into the side rail on that stop? Did anyone need to change their panties?


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