Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Have you seen artwork from Rodney White? Normally I don't like the distressed look (I know, just flog me now and have it done) but the first time I saw these two I was immediately in love. They are now hung in my great room and I'm in love with them all over again each time I see them.

But I'm thinking that there are a couple empty spots on the walls and I would like this:

And I am drooling over this. I Loooooooove both of them.


  1. Yes, I have seen them! ; ) They're fabulous and caught my eye immediately! I would agree your empty spots would look great with another one or two of that style! : ) I'm really lovin' the 'Share A Random Moment', but all three are pretty fantastic!

  2. i LOVE the sentiment on the top one. awesomeness!


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