Friday, May 13, 2011

Once Upon A Dollhouse: Completed

The severely beaten dollhouse of my childhood is finally safe for my own kids to play with!

The rest of the dollhouse story can be found at
Part I
Part II
How to do the stairs

One last glimpse of the derelict that she was:

A few little painted details add some fun to the house:

I had a lot of fun painting the playroom and added the flower to the floor on a whim.

A clock (made from a scrap piece of round cardboard we had lying around) adds to the wall and a chandelier hangs in the 2-story room. The railing is gorilla glued in place and hopefully can stand up to the kids.

I added a house number of 1972 for the original year it was built.

Finally she has been moved from the hiding place in the back of the garage into a new home to be played with in safety.

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  1. Oh FANTASTIC! Lovely lovely work as always. And hello you...long time no see xx

  2. Love it! Great job, and love the house# too. :) Love, Big-Big

  3. The dollhouse looks fantastic. Some paint and some tlc has made a big difference. Well done.

  4. Hi! I saw this link from Ana's site (first name basis - I feel like I know her!) I loved your tip about building the staircase using bevel on the miter saw. Do you know how deep your dad set the saw to cut into the 2x4? Thanks, and I have added your blog to my faves! Susan

  5. Susan - The cuts are spaced 1/2 inch apart and 1/2 inch deep. I also added a new post (linked near the top) to explain the staircase a little better.

  6. Thanks so much for the staircase tip! Also, is that an expedit bookcase from Ikea? If so, I'd love to know what type of container you have in there. We're looking for some that aren't $10 a pop and those look perfect. Care to share?

  7. Thanks for the staircase explanation! I'm building Ana's dollhouse and this is much better. Also, is that an expedit bookcase from Ikea by any chance? If so, I'd love to know what type of containers you're using. They look like they fit really well and am looking for some non-Ikea options.

  8. Navini - It is an expedit bookcase and we use two types of containers. In the picture are the plastic containers for toys, those cost about $4 at Walmart last I checked. The second kind that fits well are the fabric bins from Target and those are about $6 (The two-packs are cheaper than the singles). So glad you like the dollhouse!


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