Saturday, May 14, 2011

No Cost (but time) Wall Art

I originally saw this phrase in a picture on Beth's blog (love her blog!) but I'm not sure where the original came from. Any ideas? If I google the phrase it gets a ton of hits from everywhere. Anyway, I loved it and during a few quiet moments yesterday (staining) and today (painting) I finished it right up.

I was really bummed that the second line came out a little crooked but my very sweet husband pointed out that since it is "we do second chances" it's a little poetic. So, yeah, I oopsed but I kinda like it that way.

Total cost for this project? $0

-The wood is scraps left over from building the boys' headboards (I didn't even cut them down for this, these are the size the scraps were already).
-The stain is left over from the coffee table I built last year.
-The piece screwed into the back to keep it square is scrap from the new dollhouse floors.
-Add a little paint from the craft box and a stencil from the Silhouette machine and done.


  1. what's a silhouette? is it like a cricut? You are so creative and hubs is sooo sweet to think of that... I love it!!!

  2. i love those $0 projects. :-) well done!

  3. I love the sign and all its implications. Lovely.


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