Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Animal Ark Wildlife Sanctuary

I have lived in Reno for 8 years-ish. When I first moved here I heard that there was a zoo and I took my kids out there. It was, um, well it was bad. The poor animals looked sad in little dinky squares with not much natural shade, plants etc. The kids didn't like it and we never went back. Not long after that I heard that there is also a wildlife sanctuary here but after my zoo experience I never went out there to have a look around. That was a mistake! We took all of the kids out to Animal Ark on Saturday and it was wonderful.

The viewing areas had a nice view of most of the animals and this big boy came right close up to see us.

The animals have nice big spaces to move around in, the big ones are rotated often so they aren't out all day and there is a lot of natural shade and interest in their homes.

We were there around the time that they were changing the bears around and the kids really enjoyed watching it. They placed fruits all around for Yogi (yes, the bear) to find and we were able to have the pleasure of watching it.

I tried to get a bears-eye view but Glenn caught me.

But after the bear was done I did round them all up for a silly face shot. Everyone tried something except I think K2 thought I told him to pick his nose...

And then they all ran away from me, haha. If you live in the Reno area and have thought about going to the Animal Ark I would certainly recommend it. We'll take the kids there again.

On Sunday we took the kids to my mom's house and just played around.

What did you do over the weekend?


  1. Saturday, spent the day with Ayla while Jennifer did an all day CPR/first aid class, then had a nice date night with dinner and a visit to the local improv comedy then went on a 62 mile bike ride on Sunday. 5 1/2 hours in the saddle.

    E looks totally enthralled in picture 5.

  2. Wow 62 miles. I think the last time I spent that much time on a bike ride was probably with you guys in Florence. Very impressive!

    Yeah, most of the kids were glued for the bear feeding. It was pretty cute.


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