Friday, April 15, 2011

Sun of all my mornings

Anyone remember when I put the reeds on my bedroom wall? Well when I put that up I figured I could put a picture above the bed to cover that big seam. I bought a big white canvas and hung it up there to check the fit and then, well, left it there still in the plastic it came wrapped in for months. I was afraid. I have never painted on canvas. I've never painted on anything that big. And I had *zero* idea what I wanted to put up there anyway.

After months and months of worry I finally decided to just jump in already. Whatever I came up with probably wouldn't be worse than plastic wrapped and blank, right? I put down that first bit of red and kinda freaked. It was so bright and against the white it was shocking for a minute.

See? So different. But I've started and really I have no choice now so let's continue.

Yes, that is a lot of red. I was getting kinda happy with it now though. I originally intended to do a few layers to make it more solid but after the first layer I decided I like the variation better and left it there.

I cut out all the words I wanted using the Silhouette and lay them out on the canvas.

I taped some thread down on the sides to give myself a guide for straight and level lines.

I got the first row down fully prepared to still scrap the whole project and then breathed a huge sigh of relief when it worked.

And now there is something to cover most of that big seam and I wish I hadn't waited so long. After this project I jumped in with canvas. I have painted 3 more store bought canvases (even bigger!) for my living room (almost done with those) and one I made of 2x2s and drop cloth for near the front door. That one really made the kids look at me sideways and think I was crazy squishing paint all over. I'll try to show you that one tomorrow.


  1. WOW, I've always wanted to make one , U have inspred me to step out in faith and just do it!!

  2. Great idea of the threads, wow what a great thought! Loved your project, glad you kept it up!


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