Thursday, April 21, 2011

Create your own (kid) cake. Mmmm

I realized today that a few of the kids' birthday parties were not yet shared here so I'll try to catch some of that up. This particular birthday party was in December so you'll see a few shots of the Christmas ornaments hanging from my light fixture (whoops).

I try to come up with parties to match each child's personality, and Glenn is an artistic boy. So for his 8th birthday we had a "decorate your own cake" party. I made mini bundt cakes for each child and pre-frosted them and then covered the table with bowls of bulk candy and spoons so they could decorate however their hearts desired. I bought way too much candy but it was useful as treats for weeks after so that's ok.

Some candy never actually made it onto the cakes (and they thought they were sneaky, hehe) but that's ok. None of the kids actually ate the entire thing anyway and we saved leftovers.

The girls were the last to leave the table. They wanted to be sure their cakes were just right. I snapped this in between protests of "not yet! I want to finish it first!" as they scrambled to finish before I took pictures. I tried to tell them that the in process pictures are just as much fun.

But they did insist on pictures of their finished masterpieces, too.

This is the birthday boy. He looks pretty pleased with his creation.

Quick party to put together and the kids' loved it. (I liked the easy clean up, too, hehe).


  1. what a cute idea!! my nieces would love that

  2. oh yummy chocolate cake. i am so in the mood for some chocolate and was intending on making a chocolate tart today, but realised i am all out of chocolate and because its friday places will be closed. darn!!!


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