Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Army Birthday ~ 10 years!

I took Joe in today to see the eye doctor. There is a very good chance that he is going to be getting some glasses soon. He's a little worried but since it's mostly only for reading he thinks he can live with it, hehe.

Since I am catching up with birthday parties, his is next in line. He opted for a at-home party with just family and thought he might like another army theme party (which I did last year too. that post is here).

I got the idea for the army tank cake from this site. I can't find the actual picture that I used but I'm sure it was from that site. The original had used black licorice to make wheel treads but, as cute as it looked, I couldn't get past the smell. :(

In a more recent tradition I have started buying 2 dozen balloons for each child on their birthday. I asked that these be in camo-appropriate colors. Joe was quite excited but then he let the other kids take all but his camo balloon.

We played pin the target on the monster.

Joe really liked his cake (big sigh of relief from mom).

Especially since it was camouflage on the inside too.

I think the presents were acceptable too, lol.

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  1. Holy crapola. I want a container of Reese's Pieces that big. :) Maybe I'll have to ask for it when my birthday comes around.


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