Friday, August 28, 2009

Secret 24: Not the iPod OR Zune

I don't like iPods. It's not so much the iPod itself that's the problem but iTunes. I hate the idea of having to install special software to make it work. The Zune comes with user agreements that are too invasive (it is after all Microsoft so it's not a surprise really). However, I ♥ my Creative Zen. It's the size of a credit card and is all flash memory. The menus are really simple to use and can integrate with your winamp playlists. And it's a drag and drop file structure. I connect via usb and drop my files on there and it doesn't have to convert my songs to special formats. There is software that makes it easier to work with on your computer but you don't have to install it (say at work where there are restrictions on what you can install). I try to spread the word because I don't think the Creative Zen gets enough attention and when you say Zen people often think you meant Zune (did Microsoft do that on purpose?).

Now they have announced the Zii Egg. It supports HD video in addition to all the cool new features (and will interface with your HD TV). I cannot wait for this to come out!

See more info here and here!


  1. I understand about iTunes but I love my iPod

  2. i love that you don't need special software...def. something i hate about other mp3 players.

  3. they do have some really cool design, those Creative people (guess they'd have to with that name). but i'm an iPod girl all the way. :-)


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