Sunday, August 9, 2009

Secret 18: I was potty-trained by happy meals

I am the same age as the Happy Meal, introduced the year I was born. When I was little my parents were photographers and we traveled a LOT. This of course meant we spent quite a bit of time driving down highways and freeways. My mother is far sighted and she says that I could still spot those golden arches before she did. As soon as I did spot them I would conviently "have to go", even if I just went 3 miles ago at the last exit. At a young potty training age it was a very good incentive to go if I thought I could also get some chicken nuggets at the same time. Of course, this was also when the happy meal toy could stand up to time and use. Some of the toys lasted so long that I passed them on to my own children a couple decades later.

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  1. that is a cute story - and I guess, it still tells the test of time because I will go to a McD's and buy a soda just so I can go to a clean bathroom when traveling.


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