Sunday, July 10, 2011

Couch Recovered

Last November we got a puppy and, in true puppy style, it ate my couch. Luna (puppy) tore the sides and back from the couch (all of it) and put a big hole in part of the cushion. It was still comfortable to sit on (the seating areas were mostly fine), just ugly. I thought I had a picture of the destruction but I am having trouble finding it. Just imagine something truly ghetto.

Anyway, the original couch was the dark green color you see below (with the southwest design on the backs of the pillows). It wasn't exactly my style but it was given to me for free and in good condition so I can't really complain about fabric. And then in stepped Luna, also known as Looney and Pain, who "remodeled" the couch. We tried to buy a premade slip cover but the store here only carried them for couches up to 97" (about 7 or 8 inches too short). We bought it anyway and made do for a while.

Then I discovered that it fit much better if I took the seating cushions out and put them on top of the cover instead. Except the cushions had been doggy chewed a bit themselves and I was back to a little ghetto (though less bad than it had been at least). I stopped in at the fabric store and found this pretty green in the clearance section for $3/yard and it's extra wide. I took the old covers off of the cushions and used those for the pattern. Following my little sister's advice I didn't make them too tight (the seams on her's busted from being too tight). So here's where I'm up to so far. The cushions are recovered (but still need a little bit of foam to fill in the holes on the right side, pretend you don't notice) and there are new pillows. Next I need to add some zippers to the back of the cushions and add that foam.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

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  1. I need to send Bambi over to this post. Kodi, her dog, ate part of the couch. Maybe she can get an idea!


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