Thursday, June 2, 2011

Before and After: Powder Bathroom

Despite almost constant painting, there are 4 rooms in my home that have still been unpainted. The bathrooms. I've just never been itching to do them. I don't know why, maybe because I've never been inspired or possibly because there is just something about putting my face that close to a toilet, no matter how clean.

In any event, the paint bug bit again and I turned the bathroom into this:

From this (Sorry for the awkward pics but it is really hard to get pictures of a seriously tiny room. I actually took the door off of the hinges for most of these pictures):

Here's one more before shot. I still have no idea why the builder installed a full towel bar in a powder bathroom. Such overkill. The paint in here was truly awful before because, like the rest of the house originally did, it had flat builder paint. Builder paint being different than normal paint because they buy crap paint super cheap that the store who made it won't even sell to the general public. Seriously, the guy at the paint store that the builder paint came from actually sneered at the idea of selling it. This stuff is like chalk and just rubs right off the wall if you try to scrub at all. I can't tell you how well that works in a bathroom with 5 kids.

To set off the gray a little more I changed out the owls to a white felt background.

(Remember those?)

The paint color is Sherwin Williams Pewter Cast (though I had it mixed in Behr paint).

I really love how it brings out the colors in the floor. So much better than before.

And the white sink and toilet stand out, too, which I like. I'd still like to chuck the builder light fixture but for now it will do since leaving it made this redo super cheap. Like $35 dollars total cheap. Yay!



  1. oooh I love that! You're so clever, it's very glamourous. LIke a hotel! x

  2. I love that color. ITA about the horrible builder paint. We built our house and my only complaint about the entire process was the crappy paint job with even crappier paint. I still haven't painted the powder room (I was thinking something blue, but I love the pewter. LOL about the towel bar, at least we picked those out ourselves so we just have a circular ring.


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