Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Og The Little Frog

I found an album of love letters to my grandmother from her husband. 20 years of love letters just sitting among the photo albums in their cardboard boxes (treasure troves, I tell ya). They're in a yellowing album that smells like old books (Which, by the way, is such a fantastic smell and until the Kindle can include that I can't imagine why I'd ever buy one. Psh!). Anyway, I can't believe that nobody jumped to claim the albums and I'm so glad that I did. Since there is a LOT of family history to catalogue and share (and hopefully my family will contribute more) I have started a seperate blog for all the loveliness. Come take a peek if you like over at Og The Little Frog.


  1. hey i had wondered what had happened to you, not having had any new posts from you for long.
    this is indeed a treasure finding love letters from years ago.

  2. so incredibly, delightfully charming. and really even better than a quilt...


  3. wonderful... I so love your family!!!! off to check out the new blog.

  4. That's so special! I remember years back stumbling across a shoebox of old love letters between my great grandparents when my great grandfather was out of state working during the Great Depression. They're lost now, as another relative inherited them and they were destroyed. I spent a whole night reading them, it was such a neat experience and I have to agree better than a quilt! : ) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Sara,
    My name is Starr and accidentally stumbled across your blog a couple months ago. I was looking at a way to build a playhouse for my daughter and in looking on the web your blog popped up. I have to say your idea was genius! What a great idea :) So with that being said I started to follow you and saw this post about your grandmothers letters. I just thought I would share with you the website http://heritagemakers.com/. Its a way to put keepsakes in book form and share with whom ever you would like too.

    I love your creativity.
    Have a great day!



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