Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ABCs Photo Project

For February I'm getting started on an ABC photography project. There will be a couple days that I have NO idea what to do (X?) but luckily I have a little time to get there.

A is for Alphabet. I love letter press! To set this up I put down a piece of MDF with a manila folder propped against the wall behind it. After I had them arranged in a way I liked I decided it was too dark so I set up the kids' flashlight to shine across the front of the letters.

B is for Bubblebath. Heehee, what you can't see is that every part of the tub edge to the left is covered in STUFF. The kids' bath toys and shampoos, etc. It looks serene from here but...

C is for Cookie (of course!) This one was a little challenging to set up. I sat him on a cooling rack and used a table knife angled at his back to keep him propped up. Across that I angled a fork (also had the base anchored in the rack) with the cookie stuck on the prongs over his hand. I put a small box in front of him with a plate of cookies on top and then surrounded him with a tablecloth to cover the rack and the wall. And voila!

Any suggestions for the hard letters?


  1. x isn't that "x marks the spot" and use a map of some kind. :-)

    love the b/g on the cookie monster shot setup. :-)

  2. Sara... the letters are awesome.. so is the bath and the cookie monster is inspired.. you are too good at this girl!!!! Really, these are fantastic!!

  3. so cute!! great job on these - i really love the typeface

  4. this is such a great idea. i may have to steal it!

  5. Hi, I love the cookie monster picture and who he has taken a bit out of the cookie in the shape of a "C"

    Your first shot is really interesting and creative too.

  6. wow sara, I am totally impressed. Not only because you're doing the alphabet, but also with your energy. The set-ups are great. I can't wait to see more.

  7. This one with gets me every time I see it! I know it took a fine bit of creativity to pull off Cookie Monster's photo shoot so well! ; )


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