Thursday, December 3, 2009

Quack! Quack!

Normally I am not a sports fan. I am, however, an Oregon Ducks fan. Today is the Civil War game with Oregon State Losers Beavers and which ever team wins gets the Rose Bowl. Go Ducks!

To give you some family history, one of my brother-in-laws was the Oregon Duck. Yup, my sister married the duck. Another sister married a Beaver's fan traitor so we get some pretty good rivalry as evidenced above. It'll be a good game.


  1. Ducks? Beavers? Now I don't feel so bad about our high school's mascot, the Seal!

  2. LOL my sons both supported different football teams - One Manchester United the Other Manchester City - I lost count of the arguments!

  3. HA! What a sweet photo of three handsome boys! Did you notice the stuffed frog that looks like it's head is settled perfectly on the right boy's shoulder? Adorable!

  4. I'm so proud of my little one. Being a Duck fan all of my life I never knew I'd have a Beaver Son. But that at age 4 he can state "I cheer for both teams just not when they play each other". If that's not confidence I don't know what is. His response at school on Monday, by the way, was "It's okay maybe next year!"


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