Monday, November 2, 2009

Unhappy or Dissatisfied?

There's blog I used to read fairly often, before it ever occurred to me to make my own blog and regularly follow others, that I had forgotten about. So I looked in on his blog today (and added it to my follow list) and came across a very interesting post (here) on the difference between being unhappy and being dissatisfied.

To partially quote Ed:

An unhappy person is:
* Grumpy or agitated: unhappy people bitch.
* Needy: unhappy people take from those around them.
* Mopey: unhappy people suck the energy out of a room.

A dissatisfied person:
* Sees something that’s not how it should be
* Doesn’t want to accept that the problem exists


Unhappiness causes you to miss out on being present. Here’s the thing: you can be dissatisfied and still be happy. Being unhappy causes you to focus on yourself- on your own lack of happiness or whatever it is you’re bitching about, and meanwhile the whole happy, amazing, wonderful world of possibilities goes on without you. You can be a dissatisfied person and still appreciate that world, take part it in and receive what it has to offer.

Go here to read the rest of what he said. It will definitely give you something to think on.


  1. Wow....thought-provoking. Unhappy versus dissatisfied. I'd rather be...neither.

  2. Well, yes, neither would be preferable. But when we do find ourselves in one of these it's interesting to look at which one and why.

    Though as Ed points out, artists and creative people can be called dissatisfied to. It's not that they're unhappy, but that they see something to change or a void to fill and they go about making the change. If we are *completely* satisfied with everything then we aren't driven to create because we'd be happy with what we already have.


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