Thursday, February 19, 2009

30 years

Starting in 24 hours, I am officially closer to 40 than to 20.

I have stopped trying to find myself and started creating myself.

So today is my 30th birthday. Just for fun I googled "turning 30" and I came across a blog about a project someone started on their 29th birthday where they did something new every day for a year leading up to their 30th birthday. I don't know if I can do it for a whole year but today I am starting 30 something news (and I'll keep it going longer if I can). I am going to do something each day I've never done before. Some of them are going to be very simple, some possibly more involved. I'm open to suggestions as I only have about a dozen things written down so far. Yes, I know what you are thinking and no, that is NOT a promise to do them no matter what. But ideas are certainly appreciated. So wish me luck and lets hear what you've got!

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